Boost Mobile Wallet: Chinese New Year Campaign

Boost is a Malaysia’s homegrown lifestyle e-wallet app, aimed to provide the society a worry-free cashless mobile payment experience all day. Launched in 2017, Boost has over 7 million users today. Boost mobile wallet is widely accepted in Malaysia with over 100,000 touchpoints covering both online and physical stores, enabling their Boosties easy payment experience whenever they go, shop, dine, travel, go to the movies and more. As a UX/ UI designer here at Boost, I have taken responsibilities on Boost’s app and website by going through not just research, user testing, wire-framing, prototyping, animation, but also dived deep into data analytics. Scroll below to see some of the works I’ve done for Boost’s illustration and animation!

Illustrations: Profile Display Picture

To enrich the branding of Boost and attractiveness, I designed a series of Malaysian-themed avatars as display pictures for users to use in the app.

Animations: Chinese New Year Campaign

The Project:

Boost E-Wallet launched a campaign in relavance to Chinese New Year where Boost app users will receive 2 angpows (one red, one yellow) everyday. Users can choose to either gift it away to their friends/ family or to open the angpow and keep the money for themselves. The rule for the challenge here is that within a given time, users can only open maximum one angpow for themselves and gift the other one to someone that is not a Boost user yet. 

My Role:

As a designer in Boost, the experience of revealing something (in this case, the angpow) is as important as the other elements in the app. Hence, I picked up the animator’s hat and created a few delightful moments for this campaign. I animated the state when user is sending out or opening an angpow. The animation reveals how much the angpow the user chose to open has.


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