VSCO App Redesign

The Brief:

Evaluate and redesign a mobile application to significantly improve its usability, aesthetic and interaction qualities.

The Project:

Redesigned a photography mobile app, VSCO. VSCO allows users to capture photos in the app and edit them, in part through the use of its filters. 

Research & Development.

Research is a core stage before getting into further developments. I created an online survey on VSCO target audience to have an overview about users’ thoughts and experience using the app. It helped me to learn better about the app’s overall interaction quality from a user’s perspective. 

Going through target audience research, competitor analysis, reading user reviews, creating user personas and scenarios were all core processes for me to have a better idea about the key aspects that should be improved. I then created a list of potential improvements for VSCO through a HCD approach. 

Aesthetic wise, I revised the original VSCO app and website to have a better understanding of the company and app’s look and feel.

I created a mood board, focusing on the modern design scheme VSCO hopes to show to their users.

Throughout the process of creating wire frames and sitemaps, I made several modifications to the app to ensure better consistency and interaction quality. These includes changing the app’s layout, content sizing and position, text alignment, clearer state indications,etc. 

I also redesigned the app icons to make it more intuitive, having iOS guidelines as my support. To ensure a better user experience, the redesigned VSCO has new features that provide guide and support, flexibility and customisations.

Introducing New Features 

Flexibility On Content Posting.

Rather than having a photography app posting contents on the spot, users can now set their desired posting date and time and the app will automatically upload the content using the preset information.

Drag To Rearrange Content.

The redesigned app allows easy customisation where users can manually arrange their profile’s content according to their own preference.automatically upload the content using the preset information.

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