Sprink Online Magazine

The Brief:

Create an online magazine with a theme of one’s choice, determining the site’s content towards the targeted audience.

The Concept:

Having an idea to create a platform where the community can reconnect with their surroundings through innovative ideas, I chose ‘Nature Inspired Design’ as my topic, pinpointed at a community that shows passion in design and nature.

What it Provides:

Wide-ranged articles focusing on nature inspired creations such as biomimicry, architecture, product design, artists and fashion design.

A social media campaign was created alongside the project to increase people’s reach and engagement. 

Research & Development.

To begin, I looked up to some online magazines and did some analysis and evaluation on the weaknesses and strengths of the sites to pick up some helpful points. Getting a better sense of what content other magazines provide, I chose my article topics and initiated a close and open card sorting practice with focus groups. 

This is to make sure my contents and article categories are intuitive and appealing to my audience. I proceeded to creating the information architecture which includes low and high-fidelity wire frames and site mapping. 

For branding and identity, I did visual research on various existing online and offline company’s logo. This process has given me better knowledge about how to effectively portray a company’s service through their branding. 

With that, I decided to create an elegant, simple and clean-looking web theme, so that the content stands out, being the focus of the magazine.

In order to involve the community into the context of the magazine and increase brand loyalty, I created a social media campaign and social media profiles for the magazine. The campaign encourages the community to take part in an ideation contest where the ideas are inspired by nature. 

The ideas should revolve around ways to help improve lives for the poor. This campaign is created as part to consider the website being potentially monetized and to investigate how the website could be extended using social media, etc.

Portfolio Works-04

The site was developed using WordPress. 

Modifications and CSS customisation have been made throughout to achieve the site’s look and feel.

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Or visit:  https://sprink.carinecsq.com/